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The Personal Rosary

In the rosary, we meditate on the mysteries of Christ and His mother. The Virgin Mary shares in the joy of His coming and the suffering of His passion and death. She is present in the major moments of His life and was raised to join Him in glory at her passing. The rosary is a reflection on His life in Scripture, her life of absolute faithfulness, and our own lives imitating them in communion with His Bride, the Church.

This book is a collection of personal prayers for deeper meditation on the mysteries. Where The Scriptural Rosary follows the life of Christ in Scripture, The Personal Rosary meditates on our lives following Him. As we pray to “imitate what [these mysteries] contain”, we focus our meditation on how we can take up our crosses in daily sacrificial love for God and one another.


Why do we need a Personal Rosary?

This devotional aid is the result of years of prayer and introspection and meant as a companion to The Scriptural Rosary. Where The Scriptural Rosary follows the life of Christ in Scripture, The Personal Rosary is a meditation on our lives following Him. It was always meant to be about us and our relationship with Him.

It isn’t enough that He forgives us—we are to forgive. It isn’t enough that He took up His cross—we must take up ours and follow Him. We are filling up what is lacking in the afflictions of Christ (Col 1:24) as we, His mystical Body, carry on His mission to call all people to Himself through lives of sacrificial love.

Luminous Mysteries made accessible

The original mysteries of the Rosary are simple to engage on a personal level. At the heart of each is the creed we profess. Each is a narrative story of powerful experiences of Christ. We will also experience them to some degree and we can relate to them fairly easily.

The Luminous Mysteries can be harder to relate and imitate… on the surface. We can’t generally change water to wine or shine like the Sun. Delving deeper, we find that the Luminous Mysteries remind us who Christ is. They powerfully illuminate His identity… and our own in communion with Him. They don’t tell a narrative story—they paint a picture.

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25 February, 2023
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Why The Personal Rosary

I pray that many may embrace Patrick’s book as an opportunity to explore more deeply their own personal relationship with Jesus Christ as they ponder the reflections Patrick shares in “The Personal Rosary.

Our journey of faith is also modeled in the progression of the mysteries of the Rosary. We are joyful when experiencing God’s call (Acts 8:36-39). Our path and His will are illuminated in contemplation of His revelation (Rom 8:14). We experience sorrow on our journey (2 Tim 3:12). Beyond the sorrows of this world, God’s way leads to glory (Rev 3:5). As we imitate the mysteries of Christ, the world yields abuse and rejection. We wait in joyful hope to obtain the promises of our loving and faithful Father

Prayer isn’t always about the words we say, but rather the spirit and heart we bring to our prayers (CCC 2562). The words may change when we approach His throne of mercy and grace but not the spirit behind the words. In the Rosary, the main prayers are important elements but our focus is on the mysteries we contemplate.

“There are not one hundred people in the United States who hate The Catholic Church, but there are millions who hate what they wrongly perceive the Catholic Church to be.” Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen.
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About Patrick

Patrick started his professional life in Army Basic Training at Ft Knox, KY. This was the first step on a journey through Marion Military Institute and the US Air Force Academy to being commissioned an officer in the USAF. He served in five major commands at five installations including deployments to Saudi Arabia and Southern Italy before leaving service to start a family and build a business.

The secret of his success is as simple as the Golden Rule… treating everyone as he himself wants to be treated.

He has been married to his wife, Grete, for over 25 years and they have four children together. They have chosen an active role in the formation of their children through homeschooling.