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I can be fearful and bound in my selfishness. By Your cross and Resurrection I have been set free. I will rise in hope to share self-giving love— treating others as I would be treated.

We are emotional beings. God made us that way. Although we each have different gifts that differentiate our intellectual and physical abilities, we tend to react to the world emotionally. As our creator, God uses these emotions to interact with us—He speaks to us in emotional terms. In the beatitudes, He promises comfort for our…

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I will rejoice when I am persecuted for the name of Jesus. By meditating on the mysteries of the Rosary, may I imitate what is contained and be more fully conformed to Him who suffered and died for me.

We live in a world growing increasingly hostile to followers of Christ. The forces of secularism are drawing the battle lines in government, society, family, and even in churches. Expressions of faith are met with ridicule, derision, and even death in many parts of the world. Those who would follow orthodoxy find hostility from those…

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We are blessed with free will… and cursed by it. We can choose the greatest good… or the worst evil. We can choose Heaven or Hell. God could cancel our free will and end evil in a moment. However, doing so would also be the end of love. There can be no love without free…

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